Hartland Day 1 – Serving God and Serving Others

October 1, 2018

Hey guys this is your man Brenden, coming in hawt Writing on the blog for the first time. 

Today we left for hartland! Unlike our last trip, we had some forewarning, a 7am wake up to an alarm versus a 5am wake up to a roaring conch, and the ability to let our parents know we were leaving. 

Hartland is right over the ridge from Hume, so about an hour on the windy roads. Music is LEGAL when introduced by the Jo$hua staff, so we had an enjoyable time bopping to old songs.

Right after lunch, we got straight into working! I got paired with some of my friends (shoutout to Kimmy & Roman) and we spent the next 4 hours clearing a path that was full of branches and dead trees. When we started we had no clue it was a trail, but after a couple hours we realized it was a beautiful trail leading up to a cross. 

When getting dirty, scraped up, and having a literal EARFUL of bugs all of you, it can get very easy to lose perspective of why we are at hartland. We are here to serve God and to serve others, and not glorify ourselves. I appreciate Jo$hua for taking us up to Hartland so we can serve God and grow closer together. This next week is going to be an adventure, so be praying we keep a servants heart perspective, stay safe, and grow closer with one another. 

Until Tucker asks me to write again,

Yours truly,

Brenden Bourbonnais

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