Joshua Prom 1987

September 28, 2018

It’s prom night for the 1987 senior class of Gladstone High. There are many interesting personalities and outfits to go along with the night. The scene is set to a traditional 80’s school dance. Each clique is in their own inner circle, assuming their roles perfectly. The jocks are bullying the nerds, the popular girls are busy gossiping about each other, the cool kids are calling people out, the lone hippie-girl dances in the corner, and some wish they weren’t there. Soon enough Principal Johnson announces its time to crown the prom king and queen. All seems well with the world, right?

After dinner and lots of shenanigans, the prom queen is announced. The two nominees are called up and the winner is “Alyssa Graves”, one of the most popular girls in school. Afterwards the nominees for prom king are called up. Ronnie Faber and Scott Mahoney are called up, but Scott never shows. The crowd stands in confusion as Scott fails to appear. By default, Ronnie, the nerdiest kid at school is crowned prom king. Immediately after it is announced that Scott has been murdered. The whole crowd gasps as the staff lock everyone inside and calls the “police”. Once the police arrive, a few students are called into suspect. The remaining students are left to investigate for themselves. 

After many minutes of arguing, all of the students were called to write down the person they accuse. The murder case is revealed, for it to have been Ronnie’s best friend-Jill. Surprisingly, a select few Joshua students predict it to be her, and will receive a prize Friday. 

This dinner was overall a very fun experience. The Joshua students were so excited to listen to some music for once in what felt like 20 years. Thanks to chef Amy, the food was delicious, like always. The dessert was just as amazing. We all had a good time being in character and interacting with each other. There was lots of dancing, singing, and conga lines. Overall 10/10 I would recommend this experience. This was the first of many great theme dinners here at Joshua Wilderness Institute. 


Kaylee, Leyla, Kyle, and Hank



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