Philippians Chapter 1

October 31, 2018 This past week, the we had Jim Wright from Westmont College come speak to us. We learned about the relationship between peace and justice, about powerful questions, about how to negotiate well, and wrapped the week up discussing the conflict between Israel and Palestine. We were heavily challenged this past week to take our education into our own hands and be active participants in learning as opposed to taking notes and listening

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Dealing With Conflict

October 26, 2018 This week in Joshua we had a married couple who both teach at Westmont College as our speakers. They were SO smart and they gave us a lot of life skills in dealing with conflict in a way that you are not trying to beat the other person, but that you are trying to understand and come to an agreement with them. It was super helpful for all of us since conflict

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God Knows What’s Next

October 24, 2018 Ivanna, Grace, Cameron, and Ryan So these past few days have been… stressful, odd, and new in many ways. Why we say these things is because of recent classes / assignments such as; Philippians being due soon, an Israel test, homework, essays and honestly just Joshua life in General. This past Monday EVERYONE was cramming to study for our Israel test. We all learned maps, vocabulary and so much more. When we

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Etiquette Night

October 22, 2018 On the 18th of October, 2018, the Joshua Wilderness Institute participated in the annual etiquette night. A whole night dedicated to learning the art of etiquette. The night began with an hour-long session of taking as many pictures as possible. There was a professional photo-booth put on by our very own Tucker Horton, which was hilarious because of all the stereotypical couples’ photos people wanted to take. Outside, people were using their

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When Joshua Ends, It Begins

October 17, 2018 One of the opportunities we get as Joshua students is working on the weekends. We usually get assigned jobs like hosting at retreats, running the activities, working in the kitchen, or snack shop. It’s always fun to learn new skills like making French fries or how to wait at a formal dinner. But every once in a while we get the chance to work somewhere special. This weekend a few of us

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Anticipation of the Unpredictable

October 12, 2018 The first full week in the building has nearly passed by, and all the students finally can begin to prepare themselves for the start of their new life. October is a notorious month in the Joshua building for when conflict begins to rise, but so far, the students remain peaceful in anticipation of the unpredictable. In between classes and our lovely guest speaker, Erik Theonnes, the students are preparing themselves for the

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First Sabbath

October 10, 2018 Hey guys! It’s Room 104, Harry and Brenden. Joshua is going GREAT! We got back into the swing of things this week after a long week at Hartland. This week the staff switched up our Monday schedule making time for a Monday morning sabbath, pushing back our classes to the afternoon. It was super beneficial, I (Brenden) slept in and got some much-needed bible reading in. After paddle boarding the lake on

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