Anticipation of the Unpredictable

October 12, 2018

The first full week in the building has nearly passed by, and all the students finally can begin to prepare themselves for the start of their new life. October is a notorious month in the Joshua building for when conflict begins to rise, but so far, the students remain peaceful in anticipation of the unpredictable. In between classes and our lovely guest speaker, Erik Theonnes, the students are preparing themselves for the ever-famous etiquette night – girls ordering dresses with the desperate search for the perfect look – and most of the guys being somewhat indifferent – excitement and anxiety creeps up on the students as they wait for that night to come. Still, the soreness of Hartland’s past aches the students’ joints and hearts, but it is absolutely certain that no student is missing the gnats. Or the scorpions in the urinals.

A much needed Pause night befell the students after a grueling week of work both at Hartland and a weekend of standard work back at Hume, giving the students the necessary break they needed before pushing forward. Only time will tell before the pressure of conforming to the building will prove to be possible or grueling for the rambunctious group. Pray for October in the building; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Jessica, Paige, Andrew, and Casey

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