Dealing With Conflict

October 26, 2018

This week in Joshua we had a married couple who both teach at Westmont College as our speakers. They were SO smart and they gave us a lot of life skills in dealing with conflict in a way that you are not trying to beat the other person, but that you are trying to understand and come to an agreement with them. It was super helpful for all of us since conflict is inevitable while living with 44 other students from day to day. 

Also this week at Joshua we had Pause family dinner, which is always such a special time of relaxing and fellowshipping outside of the building. Kids soccer is going on at Hume, so many of the Joshua students got to cheer on their pause siblings there. Other families spent time eating and playing games at home. The Hume families who are willing to take the time out of their busy schedules to host and cook for us bless us more than words can express. By participating in Pause they not only invite us into their homes, but they also invite us into the community here at Hume, which is a really special thing to be a part of.

Maddy and Lexi room 223

Hello Ladies and Gents, this is Room 104 Brenden & Harry again. We are updating yall on the goings of Jo$hua. Coincidentally the last time we wrote the blog the staff made a big change in implementing monday morning sabbath. Yesterday the staff added some new rules indefinitely due to us getting lax on our chores.

These are the rule addendums until further notice: 1) Effective monday, we will have a seating chart for class. This was probably put into effect because we are all so close with each other and talk amongst ourselves quietly in class, which upsets the staff. 2) Until further notice we have weekend chores. This is a little fair, we have been slacking on our chores, and the alternative consequence is 5am chores. We will definitely take weekend chores over 5ams. 3) We must arrive 5 minutes early to all meals, classes, and evening speaker and remain in silence. This is very uncomfortable and difficult, but so is Jo$hua as a whole so it makes sense. We have a very good class so I think it won’t take long to shape up, yet knowing the guys and gals in this class, I think we are all so close and will figure out ways to conversate and be close around these rules.

In addition to this, Philippians 1 is due Monday, thus every waking moment is spent trying to memorize it. Some of us will make it and dodge breakfast club, but others are looking like they will be up every morning at 6am. Be praying for all of us as we try to tackle Jo$hua this year.

Until next time,

Brenden & Harry Room 104

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