First Day of Mexico!

Hello readers, welcome to my blog. This week we are in Mexico. On Monday we had awoken in Arbor Road, a church in Long Beach. We woke up at the crack of dawn, aka 6 A.M. We all got in the vans and headed to Seal Beach for food and fun. After Seal Beach we made our way to the border. Crossing the border was quick and simple. After crossing we drove through Mexico for a bit while on the way to Colina De Luz, the orphanage we are helping out at. When we got there we had a tour and went over what Tuesday would look like. Shortly after we proceeded to go to bed. Tuesday morning we had breakfast at 7 A.M. and after that went off to work. We each got assigned our sections. Some of the tasks we couldn’t do because it was so windy. The different tasks are; Bike repair, gravel spreading (best one by far), Sewing, concrete work and other miscellaneous tasks. Work was a lot of manual labor, but it was fun and enjoyable. After work we had lunch, it was chicken and potatoes. Next we had free time. Some of us hung out with the kids while others napped. A couple of us played soccer with the kids which was super fun. Playing and interacting with the kids is probably the best part of this missions trip. Dinner came around the corner and it was quesadillas and beans. Now we’re all just sitting and enjoying each other’s company. I can’t wait to see what work there is tomorrow and continue interacting with the kids here. This trip will be unforgettable. 

Written by Matt and Nathan

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