First Sabbath

October 10, 2018

Hey guys! It’s Room 104, Harry and Brenden. Joshua is going GREAT! We got back into the swing of things this week after a long week at Hartland. This week the staff switched up our Monday schedule making time for a Monday morning sabbath, pushing back our classes to the afternoon. It was super beneficial, I (Brenden) slept in and got some much-needed bible reading in. After paddle boarding the lake on Sunday, Harry slept in and had some good devo time.

Our speaker this week is Dr. Erik Thoennes, who is literally blowing our minds as we discuss what a human is, and why God created us. Small world side note: I went to a CBU preview with Dr. Thoennes’ daughter, and now we cross paths again at Joshua! Tonight was guys night and I’d love to tell you about it, but what happens at guys night, STAYS at guys night.

One of the cool things about this year’s class, is that taking care of the body and health and fitness is a big priority. I’ve was super glad when my fellow students came around me and encouraged me to diet and take care of my body and to support me alongside it. Harry and I are keeping tabs on each other. #50poundsbyIsrael

The Joshua community is growing closer with one another. I am super glad to get to closer with Harry (God definitely orchestrated for him to be my roommate), and the rest of the Joshua students. We definitely appreciate working alongside Maddy from Visalia and Lexi from Oregon to get this blog done. (Two great young women, who we are NEVER EVEN WITH)

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This week we had our very first SABBATH!!  The staff decided to implement this new routine to our Monday schedule to give us time to rest and recharge with the Lord so that we are relaxed and ready for a new week. It was honestly the best thing ever. Most of us slept in for a bit and then got up and just enjoyed the quiet building, but some people went for walks or just took time to have good conversation. Being able to take time for ourselves, and just rest in Gods presence. At Joshua we are constantly moving, whether we are doing work or school or simply trying to socialize, we don’t often have the opportunity to just rest. The new Sabbath had given us such a beautiful opportunity to take time and reflect on all that we are learning in regards to embracing Gods presence in our daily lives. Sabbath is a beautiful thing and such a great way to start of our weeks here.

Lexi, Maddy and Harry

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