God Knows What’s Next

October 24, 2018

Ivanna, Grace, Cameron, and Ryan

So these past few days have been… stressful, odd, and new in many ways. Why we say these things is because of recent classes / assignments such as; Philippians being due soon, an Israel test, homework, essays and honestly just Joshua life in General. This past Monday EVERYONE was cramming to study for our Israel test. We all learned maps, vocabulary and so much more. When we got the test it felt like half or more of what we studied was NOT on the test. Might I say, that was pretty much in our favor minus the crazy amounts of studying? On the other hand I think only 5 students have fully memorized and recited Philippians 1 … so that’s another story. On a more positive note our speaker is Jim Wright and his wife Heather. They are both lovely people with very interesting viewpoints and are showing us many different ways to analyze and understand things differently. On Monday one of our main questions was “Do you see truth propositionally or relationally and contextually?” this made us all really think about the question in depth and analyze what was being asked. Mainly because we didn’t know what either side meant, but it allowed us to voice our thoughts and bounce opinions and understandings off of each other. Lastly, we have our catalyst Mama D (aka Wendy but that’s boring…)! She is so bright, welcoming, fun loving and very generous. She has the best baked goods so far and she is baking all week. I’m sure many can testify that we will be getting the Joshua 20 this week. We are very thankful to have her here and we appreciate all that she is doing for us. Overall we would say that Joshua is well. Not at its highest, nor its lowest. We are hitting struggles and are really settling into Joshua and realizing that it is home for the next year with the same people. The beauty of it is how this is a glimpse of now and only God knows what’s next and we are only excited to see what it is.

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