Pause and Prepping for Mexico

Pause night this last Thursday with the Hibbs family was definitely one I will remember. We met down at the lake for Audrey’s baptism in November. It was a beautiful day, but extremely cold. A crowd of family and friends huddled around the lake as we listened to Audrey’s testimony. This was so cool for me to watch since I’ve never been baptized and I was really encouraged by her faith and courage. It was very funny to watch Kevin and his daughter tip-toe and laugh as they headed into the near freezing water. Overall the whole experience was so cool and I feel blessed that I got to be a part of it. ~Austin Hughes

It’s been a long week here at Joshua. We’ve spent a lot of time studying, writing papers, and preparing for our trip to Mexico. We’ve also been getting really excited about Thanksgiving break coming up and also wondering what life will be like when we go back home since we’ve been living very differently from the rest of our family and friends.

We all have really enjoyed our speaker, Dewey Bertolini, this week. He has spent the week using the story of Peter to share the truth that Jesus is gentle. He meets us where we’re at and will willingly do life with us not just a friend, but as someone who loves us unconditionally. Thursday morning, Dewey shared about how when we accept Jesus into our lives, we enter into a marriage covenant with him. Every night this week, it’s been awesome to watch Jesus use a humble guy, who loves us very much, share such powerful truth. We all will miss him very much and can’t wait to see him again around Hume.

We also had Pause tonight! Every other week, families around Hume welcome Joshua students into their homes and share life with them. My (Vicki) family tonight had brownies and ice cream while we talked about what God has been doing in our lives lately. We also got to spend a lot of time talking about what we’re thankful for in this season. All of my siblings had many different answers but one big theme was that we were all thankful for Joshua and Jesus.

Like I said before, we’re all preparing for our trip to Mexico and Thanksgiving break. We haven’t known a lot about our trip until today when we had a family meeting and Bob and Rachel gave us more details. After our meeting, we all are now feeling better about the trip. Before we leave though, we have to work, pack, and finish a paper, so we’ve all been kind of stressed but all will be well and on Sunday morning, we will be ready to go to Mexico.

Life in Joshua is always an adventure and we are all quite excited about what these next couple of weeks will hold for us and appreciate your prayers for us along the way.

– Vicki, Tiffany, Austin, and Steven.

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