Philippians Chapter 1

October 31, 2018

  • This past week, the we had Jim Wright from Westmont College come speak to us. We learned about the relationship between peace and justice, about powerful questions, about how to negotiate well, and wrapped the week up discussing the conflict between Israel and Palestine. We were heavily challenged this past week to take our education into our own hands and be active participants in learning as opposed to taking notes and listening to a lecture.
  • Also, we had another Pause night on Thursday the 25th. Many of the Pause families watched the final soccer game for the kids that live up at Hume Lake. Pause families are also getting excited for the annual Christmas party! Many of the families are looking forward to competing in the Gingerbread House Building Competition, which is a tradition at Joshua. Many families are beginning to plan what their houses will look like.
  • This past Tuesday and Thursday, we had the opportunity to go visit Hume Lake’s Lost and Found “Junque and Treasures”. Many of us got to purchase items we wanted and all the funds go towards Hume. Soren Jerner found a cowboy duster for $3 and it was by far the best steal out of anything from there. This was a fun experience for us and we look forward to the next time we get to go check out Junque and Treasures.
  • On Monday, all of us had to test for Philippians Chapter 1. Some students had already completed the first chapter before Monday had came around. Some of us were doing last minute memorizing in order to pass. Roman Todd-Groll memorized 20 verses in 4 hours. That has to be a Joshua record. Many students passed with flying colors and seeing the happiness on people’s faces when they heard the news that they had passed was an awesome experience. It was cool to see students who had already passed, motivate their fellow Joshua brothers and sisters to not give up and keep working at it. Now that Chapter 1, we’re preparing for January 7th to complete Chapter 2. Hopefully we realize that looking at Philippians sooner than later is a good idea.

Wesley Hill

Roman Todd-Groll

Mikayla Moore

Camellia Zamani

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