Serving, beaches, and tacos!

Today is our third day in Mexico! Today the majority of the group went down to the school. We raked a lot of leaves, picked up all the trash, dug holes, put in tires for the field, and some people cleaned bathrooms. It was really cool to see where all the children go to school and see them learn and play with their friends. Another group dug holes to clean a drainage pipe and others sorted medicine. After working in our jobs, we had lunch at Colina De Luz and then the staff took us all to Rosarito. We were able to shop, and a lot of us got Mexican blankets and ponchos. We were also able to go to the beach! We got to see a beautiful sunset and some people had their hair braided or bracelets made. After Rosarito, we went to eat tacos! Everyone was pretty excited, (and full) and it was a really good end to our day.

Written by Jaedyn

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