Theology with Art

Written by Hannah, Carson, Caleb, Jaedyn

This last week of Joshua was filled with homework and fun. Last weekend, a majority of the students were off work, so most of us made plans to get a ride down the mountain into Fresno, Santa Cruz, San Jose, or wherever else our hearts desired. I have to say, getting a little break off the mountain really refreshed us. It was nice stepping back into “the real world” and connecting with family, friends, pets, and food joints. I (Carson) personally went with a group of two other guys to Santa Cruz for the weekend. It was nice getting to see the beach, hike in the mountains in Scotts Valley, play disk golf, and drink so much coffee I never went to sleep. It was nice having internet connection on my phone again so I could check emails, post on instagram, and call and text family, and old friends.

When all the Joshua students who had left for the weekend came back Sunday night, we unpacked our bags, and immediately continued, or started working on studying for the Hermeneutics test we had the next morning, the John class group exam we had on Wednesday, and the Parable Essay due on Friday. So far the week has been really busy, but we are all putting our heads down and working as hard as we can!

Today we had the privilege to sit under the brilliant teachings of Art in theology class. We had a fun time talking about trinitarism. What we believe, as Christians, is that God is three in one. He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirt all at the same time and all are equal in power. Yet, many get this idea of trinitarinism confused and they cause heresy to form. We dove into different beliefs that are contrary to the orthodoxy religious doctrine that the Bible talks about. We discussed ideas like Jesus is only a prophet and not a deity because God the Father is the only deity or the idea that Jesus wasn’t actually in the flesh, but was merely a phantom that looked like a man. These are only a couple examples of how people twist the word of God to mean something totally different from its intended purpose. Art was able to explain all of this to us while letting us listen to his very exhilarating police days when he chased down a suspect into someone’s backyard. I promise it related to the lesson.

Tonight, was also guy’s night and girl’s night. The girls played a fun game of hide-and-seek and sardines. Leyla was the seeker, but we were all hidden so well that it was quite difficult for her to find us all. Then, Kenzie hide in the supply closet on the top level when we played sardines. We all did our best to find her and climb up the rickety ladder to sit and wait for the others to spot us. Even with these simple games, we are able to have a really enjoyable night and grow closer as a girl community.

Finally, I would like to inform all Joshua students that: Bob said that if you can catch a deer, you can keep it. This means we can finally have a proper class pet! However, he would appreciate it if we notify him when we are about to go deer chasing so that he may watch and improve on his skills.


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