When Joshua Ends, It Begins

October 17, 2018

One of the opportunities we get as Joshua students is working on the weekends. We usually get assigned jobs like hosting at retreats, running the activities, working in the kitchen, or snack shop. It’s always fun to learn new skills like making French fries or how to wait at a formal dinner. But every once in a while we get the chance to work somewhere special.

This weekend a few of us were actually able to serve as counselors at a girls retreat down at main camp. We approached the weekend nervously, not knowing what exactly to expect, but after the weekend was over, we all agreed that the experience was amazing for so many reasons.

For one thing, the ability to pour out into the lives of young girls actually served to fill us up in an unexplainable way. The past few weeks of Joshua we had been learning and growing so much. I truly enjoyed it, but I could not have expected the extent to what the information would be used in just two days! I was so encouraged when a deep topic about being made in God’s image would come up, or one of the girls would ask me a question about the will of God, and I would actually have truth to say to them because we had just had a lesson about it. Coming back up to the building after the weekend we all had a renewed sense of gratitude for Joshua. All the information that we’re taking in is actually preparing us for the journey Christ has for us after the year.

The second thing that was so affirming about the weekend was the encouragement from our brothers and sisters. There was no jealousy or frustration with each. Instead when we would see each other they would build us up, and tell us, that they missed us and couldn’t wait for us to get back. There were multiple times that our Joshua siblings would pray over us, and ask us how we were. As great as the weekend was, one of the highlights was being welcomed home by our family on Sunday and realizing that those words were really true- this is our home- and this is our family!

The last and possibly best part of working as a counselor was the reminder that we are completely dependent on God. As counselors we had the privelage to wash the girls feet, to speak truth in their life, and to look into their eyes and bless them. I was constantly praying for the spirit to abide in me, and flow through me. I didn’t have the words to say to mentour the girls or to make any lasting impact on them. But when we fully pressed into our dependence on God, He was so faithful to come through.

This weekend came at just the right time and made me even more excited to embark on this year! It also gave true meaning and a small glimpse into the saying, “When Joshua ends, it begins.”

Wesley Hill Mikayla Moore Camellia Zamani Roman Todd-Groll

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