How God Made Us

It’s Christmas time here at Joshua. Ever since we’ve come back from Thanksgiving break, Christmas has been on the for-front of our minds. This has made doing homework and going to classes a little bit harder but nonetheless, things are getting done.

Last week our speaker was Jeff Bachman. He spent last week sharing his heart for youth ministry and culture in the church. He talked a lot about how important it is for us to know how God made us, so we then, can better understand how to serve Him. Jeff also talked to us about the qualities people look for when choosing youth leaders, camp counselors, and mentors, for younger kids. It was really cool to hear his perspective on these qualities, since he is a dad himself. We are all going to miss him a lot and really loved having him here last week.

We also had Pause last Thursday! Pause nights are really special to all of us in our community. It’s a time we’re able to get outside of the building, rest, and get poured into.  I (Vicki) look forward to it every week we have it. Last week, my family had burgers and planned for our Pause family Christmas party that’s coming up this week. We also got to spend time with our Pause aunt and uncle’s new little girl. All in all, it was a good night. 

Written by Vicki, Tiffany, Soren, and Roman.

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