Fandom Night!

Over this last weekend it was the first week of Winter Camp. It was tons of fun, we all got to work in different places. I was able to work in Activities and I did re-ball, which is basically paintball indoors. It was super fun to hang out with the campers and I even got to play a couple of times. It also snowed so that was great! And our last night we did the box sleds on the tube run. There was one box that was like a huge pirate ship and it was sweet! That was the first time for me to see Hume lake run a camp for a lot of kids and they did a great job. There is a lot that goes into activities and the guys that run it do an amazing job! This weekend will be week two for us all to get different jobs. It is so cool to see what God does up at Hume in the camp and at Joshua. He is so great and deserves all praise! 

This Thursday we had, yet another, theme dinner! This night’s theme dinner was Fandom night. This meant that we could dress up as people from Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc. A lot of people dressed up as Harry potter characters. During the dinner we had a game of trivia about all the themes that were there. Theme dinners are always exciting and fun, Thanks staff!

 A highlight for us ladies was girls night! This open mic night started with one of our girls setting the tone, letting us know that tonight was just for all of us to bond and have fun with each other. This was so nice because though we do spend a lot of time together, a lot of it is filled with working, learning, deep talks, and constant moving. So this was such a good opportunity to simply enjoy each others’ company, laugh, sing, and goof off. The outcome was belting out songs, cheesy jokes, comedy acts, and story telling. I am so grateful for my lovely sisters who are always quick to build each other up and build each other up in Christ.

Written by Caleb, Matt, Mikayla, and Camillia

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