Leading Back to Christ

Hey everyone! This is Kenzie, I have been working at Mata Gorda these past two weeks. It has been quite the eye opener.

I am working with 3-4 year olds. The culture these kids are growing up in is so rich in relationships. They are community and family based. Their doors are always open. Someone can just walk right in, talk and have coffee.

The thing that I see quite often at my site is the kids falling or getting hurt. That’s very normal for kids. But what isn’t normal is this; the other kids around that kid come around them and start to take care of them. They help them up and dust them off. And then they take by the hand or arm and lead them to the person who can help them. You guys I have never seen that!

It made me think. Almost every day we see people get hurt or who are sick but we also see people who are spiritually sick every single day. They are everywhere. Yet what do we do when we see them? Sure we would talk to them or have a coffee, but do we ever truly see how “sick” or “hurt” they are?

We have the person who can help them. We can form that relationship between them and then take them by the hand and lead them to The One who can help them. I thank God for opening my eyes to that.

Tonight we had a worship night. It became a time set apart for us to just only focus on God and what He has shown each one of us. Whether it was from this time at Jarabacoa or at Joshua.

Tonight was a night that we as a whole community of believers needed.

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