Preparing for the Dominican Republic

In the past few days, the class finished up Tattoos on the Heart for book discussion and listened to our speaker, Dave, talk about preparing for our trip to the Dominican Republic. Dave spoke both about packing our suitcases and unpacking our emotional and spiritual luggage. That night of speaker, many classmates committed to give up certain pieces of baggage in their lives. It was great to see so many people take a step forward in their faith.

-Casey Smith

Often times, my roommate, Casey, and I will stay up late talking about whatever random thing happened this past day. Today was no exception. With a paper, a whole page of notes, and a blog post all due at 9am, Casey and I started off our night with a casual hour-long conversation about sappy romance movies, which then moved to how much we love sappy moments in life, which in turn led to recounting every sappy movie quote we could remember. Now, as I’m finishing up all of my responsibilities for the night, it’s 5am and time for some sleep. Welcome to the lives of procrastinators. Goodnight.

-Kyle Davis

Hey it’s Mary Kathryn and Grace E! Tonight everyone is busy writing their hermeneutics papers that are due at 9 am tomorrow. It is an 8 page paper on the passage of 1 Corinthians 3:9-17. Last night our class was also able to go to the Hume Experience dinner. Everyone dressed up and the staff drove us down at 6 to the Ponderosa dining hall. The night took you through a day of camp starting out with pancakes! Everyone filled up on pancakes with lots of toppings. As the night progressed we had a worship section, a game section, and a speaking section. It was a fun time that everyone enjoyed.

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