Back in the Building!

In the midst of a snowstorm starting, LA traffic, and pure exhaustion; we made it home from the DR, safe and sound. We left Jarabocoa, around two in the morning on Saturday and had a full day of travel. We made it back to Joshua around one in the morning the next day. We were all very tired but happy to be home. A lot us of spent Sunday asleep and only were awake to eat. We also got to listen to the Super Bowl and eat pizza, which was a blast. All while this was going on, a snowstorm has been happening. We’ve been snowed in since we’ve been home and honestly, we’ve all loved it. It’s been a great time of hanging out with each other and getting adjusted to being back at school. Also, some of us have been sick, so it’s been nice to have extra time to rest. Yesterday, our teacher, Rachel, was sick so we didn’t have our Israel class. Instead, Bob took us outside and we got to play in the snow for an hour or so. We all agreed that it wasn’t a bad Monday by any means. Today, we had Theology. We talked about the importance of our sin and how it truly changes the way we live. We also talked about how the gospel is equally as important and that because of it; we don’t have to stay in our sins. It was a beautiful reminder that I think we all needed. 

This week our speaker is Lem Usita. He is spending this week talking to us about our identity and how often we believe the lies that were either spoken to us or we speak to ourselves. Tonight, he challenged us to write down lies about ourselves that we’ve been told and believe. He then asked us how those lives affect how we make decisions and live in every day life. It was super powerful night and our class is definitely going to be processing through all that was brought up for each of us tonight.

We also had guy/girl night tonight. (Tuesday). Every Tuesday night, we split up in the guy and girl community and spend time with each other. Tonight for girls night, we split up into small groups and talked about how we were doing and what we’ve been learning through our speaker.

Life in Joshua has been a really sweet time these last few weeks. We’ve traveled, are starting to plan for next fall, and looking forward to these next few months. We all appreciate the amount of people who are praying for us and look forward to sharing more adventure stories as they happen.

Until next time.

Written by Vicki, Austin, Wesley, and Tiffany.

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