Made it to LA!

Today our class made it to Los Angeles! We left at 7:30 am and made it at 2:30. Once we made it to MacArthur park, our LA leader, Jeff, gave us some tips for walking around. We then passed out applesauce and water bottles to homeless people for 2 hours. It was a good experience talking to complete strangers and being stretched of our comfort zones. Some of us were even able to share the gospel. Afterward, we went to a Nicaraguan restaurant and had a huge meal! The plantain chips were a favorite among us students. Everyone was stuffed. We then rode in our vans and drove through some of downtown LA. We drove through evidently wealthy places and then went down skid row. These streets were within minutes of each other. Seeing people living in intense poverty, reminded us how truly fortunate we are. It was a very good day and everyone is exhausted and ready for a new day tomorrow!!

Written by Mary Kathryn

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