Songs with Lem

Traveling back from the DR was a rough transition. We left the base at 2 am, some didn’t sleep on the bus ride to the airport in Santiago, or any of the plane rides to New York or LA, or the ride back from LA to Hume. When we got home, many of us slept for over 12 hours, and some of us go to bed by 8-9 pm now, more-less. This week was mellow and restful, we didn’t have many classes, which allowed lots of down time and study time. We listened to the super bowl altogether in the library, bunched up around the computers, fireplace, and couches just enjoying each other’s company. The next day was a big snow day, so we all went out on a mission to build the abominable snow man… which just lead to snow fights and tackling. The speaker was awesome too, not like anything we’ve experienced. He had us sing some songs before we started, and then got to talking about words that lead to worlds and soul ties. What a great week!

One of our favorite things in the weekly schedule at Joshua is pause night. It’s a great time where we each go to our separate pause families and get the chance to slow down and embrace ‘family time’ with our host families here at Hume. My pause family and I just so happen to be major nerds which is always fun! Last night after debriefing about our trip to the DR we decided to play Monopoly, Lord of The Rings edition! It was so good to just laugh and take a break from the ‘go go go’ mentality of Joshua for a few hours. Even though I had to mortgage literally all of my possessions by the end of the game, pause was a blast.

This week was pretty chaotic with a class being canceled, all the snow, and the speaker being stuck in Seattle for a day. Because Lem, the speaker, wasn’t able to come up to the building until late, we only had Tuesday/Wednesday night and Thursday morning. He was still awesome and talked on the lies that we tell ourselves on Tuesday night, which made for a pretty emotional night hearing of all the terrible things that people we know and admire tell themselves each day. Wednesday night we learned about soul ties and inner vows and how to release the unhealthy ones. This was super interesting as I haven’t really heard of this before and it made a lot of sense. Thursday was very short, but Lem wanted to just drive home the idea that whatever we learn here has no value whatsoever if we do not live our lives loving those around us. I think that this is something that the Lord has been speaking to me specifically about this year and that is incredibly important to nail down.

Written by Chad, Hank, Mikayla, and Camillia

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