The Dream Center

This morning we left the church around 8am. We drove to the DreamCenter which is near Echo Park. The lady who works at the DreamCenter told us about how the ministry was first started and how they started small and began working in people. Their ministry grew and grew because they trusted in God. We started to fill the truck with food and it went quickly because we have learned to work as a team. After the food trucks were filled, we set up the food in different rows, and when the people came down the line we passed out food. We prayed with the people and helped carry their groceries for them. Later in the night, we went to Hollywood Boulevard and my LA partners and I went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. Then after dinner, we went wandering the streets and went into the Scientology building and talked with a lady about the founding of the religion. It was a great second day in LA!

Written by Ryan

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