Pumped for the Holy Land!

Right back at you with another JOSHUA BLOG!!!!! This week in Joshua has been a real exciting one. On Thursday afternoon we were assigned 5 AMs!! BUM BUM BUM!!! If you are unaware on what 5 AMs are basically when the staff have seen a lacking in our chores so they decide that all of us do our chores at 5 AM until breakfast at 7 AM, but fortunately they were lifted on Thursday. On a positive note this week we have Craig Hill as our speaker who is from Fuller Seminary, in Orange County. In addition, he is one of the Joshua students’ dad which is really cool! This week Craig is speaking on the book of Psalms on how we are in a constant movement of orientation, disorientation, and reorientation. Then today we had our Israel meeting, where Bob gave us a quick run-down on what to expect in Israel. Also we received from GTI Osprey bags and a bunch of new goodies for our trip! We are super pumped and can’t wait to explore the Holy Land. 

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