Spring Is Here!

This past week hasn’t been to eventful in the Joshua building. Students have fallen into a steady rhythm, since they’ve been in the building for a solid month. When they aren’t preoccupied with homework and Philippians, you can often find Joshua students hanging out in the catalyst room or playing boardgames.

Recently, the students have gotten their backpacks, packing list, and room assignments for the upcoming Israel trip. All the students (and staff) are pretty stoked to be going. In preparation for the trip students have a huge test on Israel on April 1st, so they have been frantically cramming for the test. Philippians chapter 4 is due this Thursday, so the students are a little stressed at the moment. But they will push through! Summer is right around the corner.

The winter season has finally come to a close, which means the students had to say goodbye to Broom Hockey. Broom Hockey is a classic Hume game wherein players run around on the ice with shin-pads and helmets and try to get a hockey puck into the goal using small brooms. It has been a fun activity that everybody has enjoyed on Monday nights, for some of the Guy/ Girl nights on Tuesday, and reffing broom hockey for campers on the weekends. Now, as spring has come and the ice has melted, it is time for broom hockey to come to an end. Although we wish we could play broom hockey more, we know that the melting ice means that spring is here and summer is coming very soon!

Written by Grace

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