Pray For Our Travels!

Tomorrow we leave for Israel! This whole week has been packing and preparing for what God is going to do, and what we are going to experience. As I’m reading the gospel of John, it blows me away that we are going to be in all these places that Jesus did these miracles and ultimately died and conquered death for us.

Guys night this week was a blast. Harry had an idea that at first I was skeptical about, but his plan came together in what was an exciting twist to the common game “Murder in the Dark.” All the guys were decked out in black running the halls of Joshua in the dark, screaming at the top of our lungs when Harry and the other guys hopped out in their Gorilla Mask and Ghillie Suit. The girls probably did something fun too, but no way that it beat the excitement and adrenaline of guy’s night!

Please be praying for us as we go and experience the Holy Land of Israel, and be praying that God would reveal himself to each and every one of us of His magnificent power. Be sure to be following the blog as we are in Israel, and following the Joshua instagram page to hear and see what we are experiencing!

Until next time,


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