First Pause Family Night!

Hey y’all welcome back to another issue of the one and only Joshua blog! It’s been amazing living here for a little over a week at the Joshua house! The meals are great and the coffee is brewing. 

This weekend was a great weekend as many people were able to work during a marriage retreat.  The food service staff did a really good job at making dinner romantic.  On Sunday evening we were all able to go to our first church service with Hume staff.  It was a great night as we were able to see all of the different ministries throughout the staff at Hume Lake.  After church everybody headed over to the ark for some great indoor soccer games.  It was very intense and there was some bruises and skinned knees.  – Pierce

We started our second week of class yesterday and we have a pretty intense reading list. We are finishing up “Life Together” this week which focuses on how a Christian community should interact and grow together. 

Tonight we will be having a guy/girl night. Last week the guys played Ultimate Frisbee in the cold on the Meadow Ranch lawn and some blood was shed.  The guys work hard and play harder. – Dylan

On Thursday night we had our first meeting with our pause families!! Once our pause families started to come into the Joshua building I can tell we were all nervous and it felt like we were puppies at pet-smart. Then, Bob made it more intense by calling our names from a mega phone. At the end of the night, our pause families really took the time to sit down and get to know each and everyone of us. The questions went from what is your favorite food to what is your testimony and I personally felt comfortable telling them. My pause family made Hume feel more like home. – Alex

This past week has been full of so many emotions and never-ending business around the house. Last night, all of the girls secretly decided to dress up right before dinner as payback for when the guys all showed up in tuxes unexpectedly for dinner one night the week before. It was super fun sharing dresses and helping each other get ready, and even did a little fashion show down the hall. We almost got them until a couple of the guys came down in their cowboy boots and belt buckles.

Later that night, a lot of us started to get nervous because the staff told us that we would be going outside the house for worship that night and we all assumed that we would be headed for wildwood part two. Thankfully, we were only going out for the night and the staff took us out for a boat trip during the sunset. It was super fun to row out as a group and watch the stars slowly start to light up the sky as Bob talked to us about the heart we needed to have to seek God throughout the year. This week has flown by and I can’t wait for more to come!! ps hi mom! – Sarah

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