Looking Forward to the Wild Ride!

What’s up, everyone?! We hope you’re all holding down the fort in civilization while we are away! Let’s cross our fingers that the carrier pigeon doesn’t mess this up.

It is approaching the month mark of us being here which makes my brain question everything I know about time. We began our SWEEPS! This gives us the opportunity to help out around main camp and familiarize ourselves with the various programs. I drove a golf cart and spent the afternoon doing odd jobs which was a great time. All in all, this week has been so informative. I learned that group studying always turns into snack parties, I have untapped potential in Zumba, and most importantly, God certainly meets us where we are.

–Bethany Weddle

This week at Joshua has been so great. I haven’t felt so good about where I am at with the Lord and how I can be ready for what is in store with Him this year. The community is so special and I am so blessed to be a part of it. I cannot wait for this year to see how much God is going to do, not only for my life but also for those around me.

–Melissa Fraijo

Woah! Third week of Joshua already?! Let me just start off by saying that this week was definitely different than last week (in a good way, of course). The community here is beyond amazing. Honestly, last week was a bit of a struggle but now I feel comfortable to say that I can lean on the people here and they won’t let me fall. On Monday night, we all went to main camp and rowed the boats out to the middle of the lake for worship. Previous to that, all of the ladies did a “dress up for fun” night and we all looked stunning! Guys/girls night on Tuesday was “tubular!” The guys went off to do their own thing while us gals dressed up in 80’s jazzercise wear and did Zumba. On Wednesday afternoon, I had my first day of SWEEPS which was filled with laughter and unexpected joy. I can see God answering my prayers and working on this community to come together and I cannot wait to see what He does the rest of the year.

–Kali Weston 

September 26, 7:41 pm. It has been 3 weeks since internet… I think my body is starting to shut down… Just kidding! Everyone is doing super duper great and we all are getting closer together as a community. Tonight we all played a game of whiffle ball with half of the group against the other half, nobody scored until the last inning so the game went on for a bit. In the end we just laughed about it and continued back on home. This group has really changed over the last three weeks, we went from close to SUPER close and there’s aloooot more ahead for us. I personally am excited to see what God has in store for us this year, individually and as a community.

–Nate Devers

It is nearing a month up here at Joshua and I think all of us are starting to get into the rhythm of things. Along with our weekend work and daily classes, we spent some time this week getting to know the staff a little better. Staff took over, filling the place of this week’s speaker. On Monday we set out onto the lake as the sun dipped below the tree line. We began with worship followed by Bob discussing this year’s theme of “Seek First,” Matthew 6:33. On Tuesday and Wednesday night each member got up and discussed with the group what it means to them to “Seek First,” and finally Thursday morning we had a time of extended worship.

Thursday turned out to be an eventful day as many of us had our internships, called “S.W.E.E.P.S.,” throughout the camp today. Followed by our first theme dinner and a game of Joshua whiffle ball. Since we no longer have to dress up for dinner every night like many classes before us have, we started off our year of theme dinners by dressing up. Everyone showed up in their best, and Amy made us some great salmon. It is awesome to see God working on and through us already. I am looking forward to the months to come and look forward to seeing how He grows each one of us. I expect this year will be a wild ride!

–Reece Holzer

We hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the updates along the way! We are excited to share more throughout the year!

Until next time,

Rooms 231 and 107

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