A Trip Into The Real World

It’s week 6 up here in the woods boys. We have been having a blast up here and each week continues to get better. Tuesday we had the amazing gift of nachos from our amazingly talented chef Amy. This week we also got to have two theology classes. Bob and Andy are gone so guys night this week was with Tucker which was a blast.

Brian Holland, the guest speaker this week, was very influential and he spoke about loving and following Christ with a passion unlike anything else on planet earth. Two speakers in a row that put emphasis on evangelizing. I wonder if the Joshua staff are trying to get a message through to us…

The guys are bonding closer every passing day. It has become common for them to play cards either in the Great Room or their club room, 105. At times they get a little crazy like hanging a giant Betsy Ross flag in the Great Room or bowling hair pomade in the Mens Hall. It’s nothing the staff can’t handle.

The girls…not that fun

– Dylan and Pierce

Uhhhh girls are so fun what do you mean…let me tell you why! On Tuesday night we got introduce to our very own AMAZING girl room and we had strawberries and popcorn and humongous green grapes. We all painted and we even listened to some worship music!!!! I KNOW! But we painted something that was suppose to represent what beauty meant to us. I painted a heart and a sunflower because really it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside it’s your inward beauty that shines the most:) and I just painted a sunflower because it’s just a happy flower:) I hope you enjoyed what I had to say. Besos, Alex

Spending time with the girls painting was SOO much fun and even tonight was a super exciting one for all the Joshua students because staff surprised us with a trip down the hill for dinner!! I KNOW!!! Throughout the whole day everyone was super excited for the trip and laughing and talking with Rachel and us being way too excited about the beautiful changing leaves of the trees on the drive down! It was so nice to update family and friends once we got reception! Once we got back into the world, we all ate as much food as possible and made sure to stock up on all the snacks and winter clothes that we need for the winter season to come! It was super fun walking the streets of Fresno with everyone and running around Target with our sisters! We all picked up WAYYY more than we intended to buy, but hey we need to get ready for those winter months! We are super stoked for the men’s retreats coming up in the next couple of weeks and even my brother and dad are coming up! This week’s theme dinner was better than any of us could have imagined and we are all super grateful for the staff taking us down! Peace out until next time!! – Sarah (hi mom!!)

By: Alex, Dylan, Pierce and Sarah

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