First Day of Hartland!

Well Joshua, we’re not in Hume anymore.. 

Today we arrived at the beautiful Hartland Christian Camp. Everyone’s really excited to be here and serve our sister camp. This small campground is absolutely beautiful with ponds and streams that flow throughout. The buildings are really nice and the various trees gives it a great fall feel. After lunch we got put into our different task groups and got started serving. I was put in the wood chip group with some great older guys to lead us. I got to talk to the guys during break and they gave me a brief history of the camp as well as future plans. It is so awesome to see people so passionate about this lovely place. For our project, we cleared out the hills by cutting down the bushes and branches and putting them in the wood chipper. The guys explained that the reason we do this is to protect the place from fires so we clear out all the brush that could have potential. This made us feel like warriors who are working to protect the camp. It was a hard day’s work but using the wood chipper was a lot of fun. We got a lot of the place cleared out and had a good time doing it. It’s an amazing thing to be serving alongside your friends to help others out. We are all very content with our first day and on top of it, this place is so fun! In the gym we can all play sports and games together and have a blast. Hartland Christian Camp Day 1: Success.

Written by Matt Wolf


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