Hartland Day 2!

Hartland has our heart!

With each moment that passes, I find myself more and more enamored with this little camp that feels like it’s stood still in time. I remember coming to Hartland for a winter retreat with my church years ago. It is strange to be here now with completely different people and with a completely different goal in mind. It has truly been a blessing to get a change of scenery, pace, and activity. However, Hume and Hartland are more similar than I initially thought. There is a strong sense of community that is evident in the staff here that resembles the camaraderie found at Hume. The people we have met so far have been so hospitable and very vocal about their appreciation of us. It is so sweet to know how much they look forward to our visit. The feeling is mutual, Hartland. 

Today, we began our day with French toast and ended it with tacos. In the food department, it has been a great success. We had a full day of work with everyone scattered around camp doing a bit of everything. I spent my day pulling old carpet out of the cabins which was challenging but fulfilling. I accidentally punched myself in the face as I tugged at the carpet with all of my strength. It was a good experience!! It was encouraging to walk past other Joshua students and see them working so very hard. I am so proud of the work everyone has done! We finished our day off with some ziplining and our Hermeneutics night class. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and staying warm!

Written by Bethany


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