First Day of Mexico!

Hey guys! Greetings from Mexico! We are all so excited to be here this week. The drive down here went well. Got to play some football at a rest-stop near San Diego while some other people enjoyed the sunset. Then we had a stop at a shopping center for dinner and a target run and then we spent the night at San Diego Christian College.  The next morning we got a tour and went to chapel with them. Next thing we new we were off to Mexico!

Yesterday we spent the last half of the day just playing with the kids here. Some people were playing soccer, some on the swing and some were on the merry-go-round. These kids are non stop and we all love it, we were wiped out! Today we got our work assignments. I’m on “cleaning crew”. We went around the edge of the orphanage clearing all the dead plants and trash up. Then it was lunch and more playing with kids. It’s a real blessing to see God’s joy just pouring out of these kids. God is good. So power outages are common where we stay in Mexico. We were trying to prepare for our book discussion when a long one hit. So it was really fun to try to do a book discussion in the dark. But by Gods will it worked out. Over all it’s been a really good couple of days. I can’t wait to see what God has next for us!

In Him,


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