Mexico Day 3!


  Today is Thursday in Mexico, 11/21/19. We have successfully spent the day doing good work, playing with kids, and attending devotional services at the orphanage Colina De Luz. The work I was given to do today included sweeping leaves off of cement, wiping counters down in the orphanage’s kitchen, and carrying buckets of dirt in order to make cement. Highlights include playing tag with the kids today for a long time and being chased by the Joshua student Jared all around the orphanage, it was fun.

  I believe that I am very blessed to be here for this week. I had a conversation with an orphan here about which movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was our favorite. It’s moments like that where I learn a little be more about how much we all have in common.

At the time I am writing this, we have just finished attending a church service in the dining room of the orphanage. We started off by worshiping in English and Spanish while being lead by the orphanage’s staff. Afterwards, we listened to a lesson given by a local worker and translated by the Joshua student Sean. He talked about how Sampson didn’t listen to God when he had strength, and how much better everything would be if we listened to God when we have strength.

Overall, It is not hard to see God moving through the people at Colina de Luz. It has been an honor to do the Lord’s work here this week.

Until next time,

Noah Martin

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