Preparing Our Hearts

Well, hello again! I am so, so, SO grateful for the opportunity to share what the Lord has been putting on my heart this week with you all.

This weekend, half of the class had the chance to help serve through weekend work for the Father-Daughter camp that was here! I had the honor of working retail, which means I was able to work in Hume Apparel and our Gift Shop. It was an awesome time to practice solitude, as I was working alone both Saturday and Sunday. In Tiff’s class, Spiritual Formation, we were challenged to put to practice a Spiritual Discipline which would help to narrow our focus more on Jesus. The Lord really put it on my heart to practice solitude through seeking Him before I go seeking conversations with the sweet friendships I have been blessed with here. This was a struggle for me, I am such an extrovert and I just adore talking with the people here! God really met me where I was this week, and it was such a beautiful thing to experience. Through this discipline I was able to grow closer with the Lord and love the people around me better! I am so thankful for this time of growth, and I am so excited to carry this attribute with me as I go through life following Jesus!

Please be praying for our hearts to be prepared for our upcoming trip to Mexico! The building is buzzing with excitement as we are putting our bags together and talking about our exhilarating road trip! We are all stoked to see how we can be put to work for His Kingdom!

Thank you, thank you thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope and pray that you will be able to capture a glimpse of all that God is doing here through these small little blogs! Psalm 130: 5-8

With so much love it’s not even funny, Bailey Wright
P.S. Only 12 more days until I get to hug you Fam Bam!!

Whats up blog!
Next week we are heading to Mexico! In preparation, Tuesday was girl’s night so we had a Spanish theme night! We practiced our Spanish speaking skills along with learning a little bit of salsa, and we played Spanish bingo! At the end of the night we talked about the trip for a little and prayed for the kids, orphanage, and our own hearts as we prepare them to serve God’s kingdom in Mexico. All the Joshua kids seem to be getting more and more excited as this week progresses and we can’t wait to share all about what next week has in store!
– Julia

Hey blog readers! This past weekend was a blast! About half of us were working while the other half had the weekend off. I was one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to serve at the father daughter retreater as a host. I loved just being able to serve behind the scenes and help eliminate any distractions from their weekend. We also had guys/girls night last night. I can’t speak on what the girls did but, as for the guys we went axe throwing. That was super fun, for most of us it was our first time. We are so blessed to have a night every week where we can just invest in the community around us as men in Christ. We are so excited as we round the corner into this next chapter of Joshua with Mexico coming up in less than a week! Time is flying by up here and we love every minute of it! Thank you so much for taking time and reading our blog today, we love all of you so much!

In Him, Hunter

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