Christmas Luau!

Theme dinner was fun and exciting. We had a luau theme for this week! Great food, great friends, and great fun here amidst the Joshua fam tonight. We ate, laughed, had good conversations, and had a genuinely good time. For the food… well it was phenomenal! Teriyaki style chicken wings and legs, pineapple rice, Hawaiian rolls, macaroni pasta, and upside down pineapple cake. We played Bunco, where we essentially roll dice, and try to roll numbers corresponding to the round we’re in (i.e. round four, we try to roll fours). The more of that number we roll, the more points we get. It was lots of fun and lots of new experiences (such as how exhilarating rolling dice can get).

As everyone knows by now we cannot listen to music since we are Joshua students. Then today the staff decided to play a few songs from the Moana Sound Track.  The first one was How Far I’ll go and of course only the girls sang. However, as soon as You’re Welcome came on, it got crazy for the guys. There was lots of shouting, jumping and very passionate singing from the men and it looked like a mini mosh pit. Of course our perfect brother Reece sang along and joined all us in the fun. I don’t whether or not we actually liked that song or if we have just been so deprived from music that anything will sound good. No matter, the whole night was fantastic!

Hey everyone Sarah here! This week has been super fun as a lot of us are taking advantage of the snow and going on adventures around main camp. Yesterday, a group of us went to the gym and then went sledding down this steep hill during free time. We were able to fit three girls on one sled and almost hit a couple of trees, but it was DEFINITELY worth it and I can’t wait to go sledding again soon! Hume is looking more and more like a winter wonderland and it is so beautiful with the snow covered mountains and treetops! The icy walks down the hill are always a fun time as we all try our best to keep our balance and slowly work our way down, of course laughing as people slip!

For pause night last week, our class got together and made wreaths for each of our pause families with some branches that we trimmed from the day before. The wreath decorating party was super fun as we all worked together to weave the branches around the frame, while listening to Christmas music! My pause family and I had a super great night filled with huge breakfast burritos that our pause mom made and hours of laugher as we played after dinner! The Joshua building and Hume in general has felt so much like Christmas over the past couple of weeks and has gotten us all excited for the holidays!! It has been such a sweet experience to spend the season with this new found family here that I love so much! We are also really excited to return to our homes in just a little less than a week to celebrate Christmas with our families! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you soon!!

Xoxo Sarah

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