Christmas Spirit!

Hey blog readers! I am so pumped to be writing this to you right now! This week as been a roller-coaster of a week. Our Speaker DJ was something else, never had a speaker like him before. He broke us and built us back up. God definitely was speaking through him. One of my favorite things he said was “God did not put you here for who you are, but for who you are going to be”. That smacked me right in the face, I loved it. Guys night was a lot of fun, we played this game called “assassin”.  The goal of the game was to throw socks at the person you were trying to get and hit them, trying to be the last one alive. It was exhausting to run around the building but it was worth it to get even closer to my brothers in Christ. Worship this week was also a memory I will not forget. We were introduced to this song called “Psalm 46 (Lord of hosts)” by Shane and Shane. The chorus says, “You will lead us through the fiercest battle, oh where else would we go, but with the Lord of Hosts”, that lyric just brought me to my knees. God is always with us; He is never going to leave us. I have never been so in Love then I am right now for God. I don’t need to be anywhere else than right where I am, with Him.

In Him, Hunter

Heyyy Blog readers!

Wow, it feels so good to be back in the building with a set schedule again. My break was so awesome, and I was so thankful to see my wonderful family! It also felt so weird to be away from my family here, so I have been very happy to be back and in fellowship with our Joshua fam once again.

This week has been full of writing essays, staying up late playing games in the catalyst room, taking full advantage of the snow for snowball fights, and pure worship and reflection! I have loved all of the classes so much this week and being away from this learning for a little bit showed me how truly grateful I am to learn about these things and be in a place such as this without any distractions. We are also so incredibly blessed by our pause families! Our pause families give us a space where we can breathe, step outside the chaos of Joshua, and just communion with other people who love the Lord.

This has been a week of joy, laughter, thanksgiving, and worship. I am so thankful for everything that is happening here and being able to see the Lord’s hand move!

With joy, Bailey

Hey blog! Since coming back to the building after thanksgiving break, we have been living in snow and ice!  A lot of kids have never seen snow before, so it has been really cool watching everyone’s excitement.  Joshua has really been getting into the Christmas spirit.  On Tuesday night all the girls decorated their doors for Christmas.  We hung up wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons all down girl’s hall.  Then, Thursday morning we made wreaths for our Pause families.  Everyone in my pause family had never made a wreath before so it took us awhile to figure out how to wrap the branches, but after a few tries we got it to be exactly what we wanted!  Later on that day we had Pause and were able to bring with us our wreaths along with a Christmas Party invitation.  My pause family and I played a game with dominoes and then ate dinner.  After dinner we went ice skating, which was a lot of fun!  Then we went back to their house and ate dessert and talked.  We finished off the night with Noah leading us all in some improv activities.  Pause is always the highlight of my week and last night was definitely no disappointment!


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