Having Fun in the Snow!

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After being in the Joshua building for nearly four months, I can confidently say almost every day brings new surprises. Today during our small group time my group decided to play Spike Ball on the side of the Joshua building. We had two Spike Ball nets set up and we rotated between them based off of which teams won or lost the rounds. There are a large amount of Joshua students who are avid Spike Ball players, so I had some fierce competition. I’m not a Spike Ball player, but all of the guys were supportive so I felt comfortable learning how to play with the experts. What really made it fun was that a few of the guys cheered themselves on whether they won or lost the games. The two main guys doing this were the Joshua students Sean and Mike, and they were excited after each round for every point they scored and every point they loss. When Tucker and I beat them in the final game played, they celebrated by running into the snow to celebrate their loss. You might think the Joshua students are trying to become “perfect Christians” in the army of Christ, but we have plenty of fun up here as well.

-Noah Martin

Yesterday night a few of the students enjoyed some broom hockey with a lot of the full time staff. It was a great time to get to know some of the full timers and to play the great game of broom hockey. This week coming up we have Christmas break coming on Thursday and so the building is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Tomorrow night we will have a big Christmas party with all of the pause families. There will be ginger bread houses and lots of fun to look forward to!

– Dylan

It is awesome to see how close our Joshua community is getting not only at the building but also down the mountain. This weekend a group of us had the weekend off so we spent it going down to Fresno to play spike ball and shop. At one point three of us walked back to Christian’s car to move it. During this time, we got a call with the instructions: “We are all hiding separately in Target. You guys have thirty minutes to find all of us. Go!” Us three guys ran over to the store and searched for the group. Ben had a great spot hiding behind the paper towel rolls but eventually we were successful in finding everyone. It was a lot of fun. We did some shopping at a mall in Fresno together and I’ll never forget the time I bought a brand new pair of Converse for 49 cents. The weekend was full of surprises, while Pierce was working Support Services, he found a platter with twenty pounds full of Snickerdoodles. He brought them all to the Dining Hall for all of the Joshua students. Our family provides for our family.

– Matt Wolff

As another short stent in the Joshua building is coming to a close, the vibe in the building has been a little strange. We are currently getting ready for Christmas break, even though it feels like we just got back from Thanksgiving. What’s weird is that even though looking back it feels as though it has gone by quickly and everyone is still having fun, the energy level in the building has dropped a little. I think everyone is looking forward to going home and seeing their family once again. Regardless of how everyone feels there is still plenty of fun and games to be going around. Pictures of Baby Yoda have been circulating the building for a while now and has reminded people of where we are. Just because we don’t invest the time we used to into pop-culture, pop-culture continues on. All I can say is that even though we want to see what’s going on, God is still more important.

– Pierce Tolbert

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