We Conquered The Icy Hill!

We have only been back in the building for two days and it is very clear that everyone missed this place and the people quite a bit. On Sunday, we had a welcome home dinner and almost everyone made it home safely. There is still one student who is yet to return but she will be back today. The past few days have been mainly scrambling to finish last minute essays and enjoy the snow! I am super excited to get back into the routine of the building but I am content with the present. I am grateful for all of the many blessings of winter!!!! We had a great snowball fight and made snow horses and dragons. I hope all is well down the hill. We love you guys! <3

-Bethany Weddle

We are all so excited to get back to the building and surrounded by snow. We all had a massive snowball fight and found a good spot to make a sled hill. Even some of us started to play tackle football. It was so nice to come back to the building decked out for Christmas. Everyone seemed to have an amazing time at break but we were all excited to come back. It is nice to come back and hear all about everyone’s break. It is very refreshing to be back into the swing of things. The speaker this week is D.J. Criner and he is absolutely amazing. He is on fire for the Lord and is passionate about helping us grow. His knowledge of the Bible is amazing and his preaching style is incredible. Break was amazing, but I missed my Joshua family. Luckily, a lot of us got the “houseparty” app on our phones so we were able to stay connected. I am grateful to be back in the building with everyone.

-Connor Vaughan

Home sweet home; finally back with my Joshua family. Home was great, but I couldn’t help missing all of my Joshua siblings the entire time. Getting back into the swing of the normal schedule was weird, especially since the schedule isn’t normal yet. Excited for this (rather short) run in the building, before we get to go back home again.

-Darius Brown

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