A Scary Western Night

Hey Guys!

It has been a pretty wild couple of days here at Joshua!

On Wednesday and Thursday, all of the Joshua students had their interviews for their summer jobs! It is crazy that we are more than halfway done with our time in the building.

The focus has been getting ready for the Dominican Republic! We have had to the privilege to have Dave Hansen- the president of Students International- stay with us as our catalyst and guest speaker this week. His teachings along with our current book study, When Helping Hurts, have helped create humility and excitement for our class and our upcoming weeks. Contrary to what many of us believed, we are not here to “fix” or “help” the materially poor. Rather, we should all recognize our own poverty and seek God together with the materially poor. It is about what we can learn from the people we will meet and interact with. We need to stop pretending we are gods who can come in and fix everything, since we are just as poor just in different ways.

It snowed today! It was our first time as a class being here while it snowed- we have always missed it.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are about to embark on our trip to the Dominican Republic!

Stay tuned!

Livi Skeen (Hi Owen!!!)

Howdy ya’ll!

Tonight was Theme Dinner! That is right, the night you have all been waiting for. The theme for tonight was…you guessed it, Western Night! Yippee! Guys and girls dressed up in their country attire, from cowboy boots, to spurs, to a bunch of flannels, we were all singing, “Life is a highway”. Joshua got the privilege to enjoy a tasty dinner, ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans, peach cobbler… I have to stop there cuz’ I am drooling! But after that, don’t you worry, the night was not over yet. Oh yeah, next was a class wide, night game in the building. To start off there would be 2 people, with scary masks on…Ekk! I had the privilege of being one of them, scary, scary! Then, the rest of the class would search high and low in the entire building to find the treasure, the flashlight! We ran up and down the stairs, being chased by monsters, and hiding in the dark trying not to be found by the monsters. The flashlight was divided into 3 pieces in which we had to locate all the pieces and put them together. Once we found all the pieces to the flashlight and put it together, we could kill the monsters, by shining the light on them! What a great way to wrap up a Thursday night! We are excited to await our next adventure like Livi said, the DR!

Will keep ya’ll posted!

Yours truly,

Ali Day (I love you Kirsten!)

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