DR Day 2!

yo yo yo! This is Benjamin Jones writing to you from the tropics of the Dominican Republic! We are currently in the land of all things beisbol, rainy metal nights, and 3 am roosters. The environment is absolutely gorgeous. Thick green foliage towers above the ministry base (Ministerio Estudiantes Internacionales). It’s a blessing to serve alongside Dave with the men’s sports site (MEN’S SPORTS); we play pick-up basketball games with the youth and participate in their baseball practices as well. Today, mi amigo helped me knock down some fruit from a local tree. The strategy is simple: find yourself a few unripe pieces for ammo and unload on the ripest branches. The delicious, dark burgundy, pear-like fruit falls and splits open on impact. It’s delicious! It’s reminiscent of a starchy pear. ¿El desayuno aquí? Delicioso. Baked oatmeal with fruit and yogurt. The pineapple and bananas here are divine. Almost everyone rides a motorcycle here, the clean roar of the motors echoing through the hills at night. No helmets, either. Nunca. Don’t worry mama, I’m not allowed to ride them. Serving God has been such an exciting experience in the DR. His creative design surrounds us as we interact with those made in His image. And they frequently pour into us. God bless los Dominicanos y God bless our loyal blog readers!

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