Fred Blackburn and Preview’s

Yo yo yo! Welcome to day seven of AD 2020! Things have been rather chilly up here on the mountain. Returning to Joshua from Christmas break has been very fast-paced. We hit the ground running with three days of work followed by another awesome weekend of working in a variety of places. Jared and I are nearly identically dressed as I type this. White tee. Blue jeans. Beige ball cap. Sometimes my friends make fun of me because I usually pronounce it “bee-zhe.” We have preview students in the building this week as well! Super cool. It’s nice having new people in the building to experience the Joshua community. We have a superb speaker this week as well, Fred Blackburn. Man, he has a revolutionary beard and has a way of speaking that continually expands our minds. I had the privilege of sitting down with him after a speaking session and learned a plethora of new things. It’s inspiring to receive thought-provoking ideas from a person who is grounded in God’s Word! Gym sessions have hit hard this week. God bless, guys!

-101 Ben and Jared

Hey guys these past couple of days being back in the building have been super fun but also insanely tiring. Right away we started work which was low-key crazy but we had a good time. We worked through new years during family camp and got to do a fun tradition they call the pizza walk where we basically served pizza to the guests while dancing. It was an overall really fun night of charades and popping balloons in each others faces that we will never forget. It’s nice to be finally getting back into the groove of things with a more regular schedule. We have a wonderful Catalyst couple this week who happily make us delicious goods. Classes have been interesting as usual and we are all learning a lot! The weekend is just around the corner and we will be working another winter camp. We are all excited for Eagle and Child to be playing and to hear the next speaker for this weekend. What a fun time of year!

-225 Addy and Allie

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