Happy New Year!

So much has happened! In the last 2 weeks! This is room 222 and 102 back at it again to update you on what’s going down in the building. We just got back from Christmas break, it was so good to see everyone and spend quality time with the rest of the class.

The first three days back from break, we all worked for Hume’s family camp, where families from all over came to Hume to hang out and spend the first day of their New Year with all of us. From childcare to activities to Hosting we were all jam packed but having a blast.

It was so fun to spend the new year together as we threw a little party in the upstairs of the dining hall that our staff planned for us while those who were working waited to clean up after the families.

Most of us worked the pizza train (delivering pizzas to tables  while dancing to the pizza train song), we playing charades, and stayed up till midnight together. We started the new year by reciting the shema alongside the countdown to 2020. It is our constant prayer that we will always hear and obey God and love him and others fiercely, and with every part of us.

We were so glad that Fred Blackburn came up early because he spoke to us on Sunday night about free will and God’s sovereignty, it was definitely a thought provoking talk that really opened our eyes to God’s hand over everything in our lives thus far and we are all looking forward to getting our minds blown even more next week when he comes up again.

What a crazy thought that every choice we’ve made up to this point has brought us all together in this program!

We also took down all the Christmas decor today, it was sad to see the end of such a joyous season but as we are entering into our second semester we are ready for new challenges that we know will bring us closer to each other every day.

Super grateful and out here doing our best to show Jesus to each other and to others as well. Next week we get our first round of previews. Can’t wait !

Love ya all, Grace and Unique

And This has been Rm 222 catch ya on the flip side, readers.

A celebratory “Happy New Year!” to all our blog readers,

As we jumped into the new year this week, life at Joshua has seen some interesting changes among some of the students. I feel as if some students have taken the “new year, new me” adage a bit too far. A significant group of the guys here in the building have decided to take the clippers to their heads. Peer pressure seems to be leading the charge as even more are pledging to do the same. As part of the warm head gang, I will not be persuaded to follow in the line of my buzzed-headed brethren.

Among other things, we jumped directly into our work following our Christmas break. We haven’t even had any classes (except Thursdays with Bob) since our return to the building. We were thrown immediately into family camp (which ended yesterday) and tomorrow we will commence the first weekend of winter camp. Please be praying for us as workloads increase and cold walks get colder. I personally am excited to work as many hours as I can. Although, if it’s anything like this last few days, I’ll be exhausted come Sunday evening.

Best wishes to all struggling with new year’s resolutions,

Chad – Warm Head Gang represent!

Dear Joshua Peeps,

This week we have just jumped right back into it with serving at New Year’s Family Camp. Everyone had a great break and we were happy to be reunited and then delegated to our departments for this weeks work.

On New Year’s Eve we got to celebrate together with all the families and each other which was a memorable experience for sure. Coming into 2020 surrounded by people I love is awesome and I can’t wait to spend this year alongside all of them. I think it’s safe to say that this year is going to be full of memories and growth and we’re all excited for that.

  • Christian

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