Going To Miss This Beautiful Country!

Alex January 31 2020

What’s up Joshua blog readers it’s Alex here and for my site at the DR I am at the special education site. This trip has not only shown me the beauty of the Caribbean and the jungle but the beauty of the people. Every where you go there is always a smile and hello or a kiss on the cheek. The food has been AMAZING! One of the things we do at my site is go on house visits and we cook. We learned how I cook plantains and fried salami and uka. One of the other things that I did at my site is I DECAPITATED A CHICKEN and then we cooked it and ate it. I was terrified!!!!! But I remembered that I am not here to be comfortable but I am here to be put out of my comfort zone. This trip has been so amazing and I am going to miss this beautiful country!

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