Previews and Brad Bell!

Hey what’s up you guys! This week was a doozy, we are just getting back into our routine from being back from the DR, and this weekend we had work as usual, but it was a little different because it was a three day camp! I was working in the OK Chalet and it was so fun! Then today, the previews arrived, and we are so excited to show them what Joshua is about! Girls night was tonight and we had our Galentines night for Valentine’s Day coming up which consisted of a waffle bar and lip sync battle!! It was a blast from the past with my small group singing L.O.V.E… ya know… the one that goes “L.. is for the way you look at me…” and so forth. It was so much fun!! Well, I’ll see you guys on the flip side! – Angie 224 :) <3

Hey hey hey beautiful people!

We are finally back in the swing of things here at Joshua after a crazy week of being back from the DR. We had an awesome but exhausting work weekend and that bled right into preview week. I was terrified that all of us would be completely burned out but God has been faithful to give us strength and energy to love on these awesome previews and each other.

We have another amazing speaker this week, Mr. Brad Bell. He is walking us through the book of Song of Solomon. Just about all of us Joshua students have never heard a sermon on this book, NEVER. How crazy is that? I was so unaware of how much of the Bible tends to be ignored because it is difficult. Anyway, I am so grateful for Brad to be walking us through just a little bit of this God breathed book. So far we have covered attraction and dating. The talk on attraction challenges all of us to change what we are attracted to in the first place. We should be drawn to a person’s character, not their physical appearance. The talk on dating covered healthy and unhealthy patterns in a relationship. Brad covered emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy and how we need to have boundaries for all three. That was an incredibly brief summery that does not do all the wisdom that is being imparted to us justice but hopefully you get the gist. I am so thankful to be in an environment where these “uncomfortable” conversations are welcomed and rightly viewed as healthy and necessary.

-Cindy 224

Another week has started here at Joshua, and as always, we’ve got a lot going on. We finished out last week with a mid-term in hermeneutics, followed by a four-day winter camp. We worked this week’s winter camp until Monday which meant we didn’t start classes until today, but we were all able to have our first night of speaker Monday after work. This week’s speaker is Brad Bell, who is discussing Song of Solomon. We have had some great lessons and I am looking forward to the next couple days with Brad. This afternoon we also had some guests show up, our second group of preview student are up for a couple days. Last night we welcomed them in gave them a tour, followed by a meeting for them with Bob. They ate dinner with us, worshipped, and attended Brad Bell’s speaker session with us and even got to partake in guy’s and girl’s night with us. For guy’s night we played broom hockey, which all the preview students seemed to enjoy and picked up very quickly. Returning from broom hockey late we all went to bed with an early morning ahead of us. It is exciting to see all these perspective Joshua students and be able to show them what Joshua is all about. It will be amazing to see what God does over the next year in a half for these students, I constantly see Him working in our Joshua class and it is cool to see Him working in the next class to come.

This was another weekly, Tuesday report brought to you by room 107, hosted by Reece Holzer and Nate Devers.

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