Dewey and Previews!

What an exciting time rolling back from LA! We are settling back into life in the building again. From classes, to routine meals, to CHORES!!! We are pumped to be back.

This week has started off great. With Andy’s parents as our Catalyst couple, and the smell of brownies down the hall from their room, we are happy campers!

To top that off, we have the privilege of having…drumroll please… Dewey Bartolini as our guest speaker!! He came all the way from, Dallas Oregon! He is incredible. It has been so cool to see his passion for the Lord just bursting through in each of his sermons. He works at a funeral home, and has been coming to Hume for around 37 years! He ain’t no stranger up here! He is so so knowledgeable, and everything he discusses from the Bible just comes alive! The way he shares the stories from the Bible, just creates such imagery, in which you feel like you are right there where it’s all happening!

To also spice up this week, we got new electives!! From Hebrew class with Rachel, to learning about Islam with Aubrie Wright, then to top it off Watercolors with Bob? Go off!!

Along with new electives…*snaps*, we had Preview students here this week! Unfortunately not all of them showed up, but we got 5! It has been so cool, touring them around Joshua, and showing them what we are all about!

Thank goodness the weather has been clearing up recently, blue skies speckled with clouds! With some rays of sunshine here and there, but also RAIN! Yay! Hasn’t snowed in a little bit, so it looks like Spring is right around the corner!! With daylight savings starting up, it’s been lighter later, which means…that’s right you guessed it! Time outside! From our intense spikeball tournaments in the back, to pickup basketball games!

To wrap it up, tonight, was Girls and Guy’s night! That’s right…let the fun begin! The guy’s had a wild night of BROOM HOCKEY!! From sliding on the ice, to scoring goals, and slamming into walls, they had a crazy night!!

Switching over to Girl’s night, we had a blast! We got all cozy in PJ’s and played some fun games! Starting with popcorn toss, are roommate would stand across the table, and on the other side of the table the other roommate had to try and catch the piece of popcorn in her mouth! Shout out to Angie…she caught 28 pieces of popcorn in her mouth in 1 minute!!! After that we had a popcorn relay also with our roomies. One person would be holding a cup around the backside of the fireplace, and the other one had to run, carrying a spoon, and holding 1 piece of popcorn on the spoon to put into the cup! After the munchies, we had an intense game of spoons!! Concluding Girl’s night, we debriefed while snacking on some fruit.

This week so far has been really fun and tiring. We’re all working on an essay for one of our classes that has everyone running around like crazy, asking for interviews, taking notes and searching online resources. Not only that but in the process, we had previews this week. They were all cool people with different dreams and different aspirations. it was nice getting to know possible future Joshua students, as well as help guide them and answer any questions. LA was a wondrous time. It was full of eye opening events as well as interesting conversations, and we can confidently say that we’re glad for LA. Today we heard from Kevin Hibbs during New Testament Survey about 1st and 2nd Peter. We learned of the trials and key point Peter wanted to make to the Christian community. We also got to grill the heck out of our speaker for this week, Dewey Bertelinni. He’s a man with such a massive heart for people, and he is so so kind. But when he speaks, he’s serious (which is a good thing). He’s a powerful speaker, able to grasp your attention. But then right afterward he turns into this big teddy bear of a guy. He’s kinda cool honestly. Either way, we’re excited to see what God has for us for rest of this week, and cannot wait to see in what ways He reveals Himself to us.

Overall, we are grateful to be back in the building, although praying we don’t get Corona! (hehe) Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we are coming to the end of Joshua soon. We only have 60 more days of being in the building…then off to summer!

Much love from Yours truly,

Mike, Andrew, Livi, and Ali

PS: I love you Day Family! <3

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