God Is Still Good

It has been one craaazy week so far and so eventful too. Unfortunately life had to change around the building drastically due to the coronavirus, such as moving class into the great room and cancelling the trip to Israel. But hey! On the bright side, we got to see toooons of snow fall outside with a great view of the mountain range, and a class next to a warm fire. Also due to the coronavirus we had to cancel pause night and replaced it with a Joshua talent show. It was so cool to see everyone perform their songs and comedy skits and everyone to just express themselves and share joy, why haven’t we done this earlier? It’s a shame pause was cancelled though, I’m definitely gonna miss my pause parents and bruncle Cooper. What does life look like in the future? I do not know for sure, but I know God’s got it all in control and I’m gonna ride it out until it all ends.

-Nate 107

This week at Joshua has been interesting, we have had a lot of changes just within the last few days. First of all, it has been snowing all week! After we all thought winter was done, it came out for one last show. It has been so beautiful each morning waking up to see the sun rising over the snow crowned evergreens and frosted rock faces. Although there has been great beauty occurring outside the building, there has also been some upset within the building. Due to the Corona Virus most of Hume is currently not having any guests up, so as of last weekend, our weekend work is cancelled for the next few weeks. Also due to travel restriction we heard earlier this week that our Israel trip is being canceled. Even with this news we were still able to have some fun. In place of our regular pause night we had a special sit in Joshua pause night. Amy, David, and Bob treated us to some delicious omelets for dinner, as well as a waffle bar. After a relaxed dinner we all gathered in the great room for a talent show. Man was I and everyone else blown away by the talent in our class. We had some dancing, singing, comedy, magic, and everything in between. We even had a little kleptomania thanks to Mike (I was wondering where my name tag had gone to), but out of all the acts I’ve really got to give it up to one person, and that is my roommate Nate for his solo performance, of Mr. Cellophane. After all this week has held it has been great to see that God is still good. Each one of us is affected by all that is going on in our own ways, but it is amazing to see that we are still able to come together in praise and worship of the LORD our God. Joyous in knowing and loving Him and knowing that He knows and loves us. Building our lives on the rock, our firm foundation, that is not washed away by the storm.

Matthew 7:24-27

-Reece Holzer 107

Whats up blog readers! It is an awesome time to be at Joshua.  This week we have had a fairly normal schedule which is such a blessing specifically because normal life for most of the country has changed tremendously.  I am especially thankful for the time we’ve had to worship as a group this week.  I’ve been reflecting on the truth that we may be one of the few groups still together across Europe and The US….  that is crazy!  I am trying to soak up every moment.  Last night the staff went all out with dinner.  We had an omlette bar with Bob, Amy, and David (Amy’s awesome husband!), as our chefs.  We also had waffle makers set up all around the dining room with tons of toppings.  It was a super special time.  Afterwards we had a talent show that was a lot of fun.  I am not sure I have laughed that much watching a talent show in my entire life.  I hope everyone down the hill is well and I am wishing you all safety and good health 🙂 Watch some good movies for us!!



Hello friends and family! It is so wonderful to be able to talk with you all once again! This has been a long, beautiful, and hard week. It is devastating to watch our world and our nation begin to panic. It grieves me to think of those who are living without peace in Christ, living without true peace. Throughout this week, my brothers and sisters have chosen to turn this sorrowful time into worship. This community is so quick to turn things back to Christ. We don’t know what the end result is, but God does. We don’t know what God is doing through this, but He does. All we can do in this time is continue to be obedient in His calling on our lives. In light of this, I would love to end this section on the blog in prayer. Father, I thank You for being in control. Lord I thank you for the ability to even know you. God I pray that through this chaos and confusion, that people are able to look to You. Without having the beauty of community at home, Lord turn people to Your Word! Let us be in fellowship with You! Allow us to be people who turn to You in all things. Father, You are good. Remind our hearts that our circumstances are not reflections of You, but we are! Allow us to become more like You. We love, praise, and gaze in awe of who You are! Amen.


Philippians 4:4-9

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