It’s Been a Wild Ride!

Hey guys what’s up bloggers !!! It’s been a wild ride in the building recently, but we are enjoying every second of it! We have a lot of schoolwork due within the next week, but it’s been awesome to finally pass Philippians today! Woooo! I honestly still don’t believe that we are all able to memorize a whole chapter of the bible and o my gosh what a blessing it has been to be able to recall scripture in day-to-day conversations and prayers! Today has been super dope as we had girls night with the BOYYYSSSS (aka bob, tucker, and Andy) and the boys had a bake-off with tiff and Jenna. We had the best time and I almost peed laughing because bob was going crazy and was on a mission to build a ramp for us to slide the mattresses off a table and down the stairs! It was such a fun time, and after all the craziness we were able to sit around the fire and the staff was able to share some really wise advice regarding the transition into life after Joshua, and overall guidance through life. It made me realize just how thankful I am for the people who are leading us through the year with so much intentionality and love. These next couple weeks in the building, I am definitely going to soak up every opportunity to be in fellowship with these people I now consider family. What a blessing it is to laugh and grow in Christ throughout the year with such an amazing group !! besos -sarah (aka jim)

Sup Boys and Girls! These last four days have been a crazy set of days as life has been changing so much.  Our move out day got moved up to April 4 and so there has been a lot of emphasis on making the most out of our last 2 weeks.   It has been really fun to spend time with everyone.  Everyone is getting along great and we are really loving our time up here.  Tonight, we baked some red cookies and they were so good.  Peace out home slice – Dylan

This past weekend has been a little weird, being quarantined and all.  There was lots of coloring, preparing the memory quilt, and rushing to get Philippians chapter 4 done.  Many thought boredoms would reign but when you are stuck in a building with lots of other people, imaginations start and action go later.  Whiffle ball and Football games down on the Meadow Ranch lawn took place, as well as a couple of scraped knees.  All fun and games during the cold weekend. Adios amigos – pierce

Hey guys what’s up its Alex! So, on Friday we were informed that we will be leaving early. Yes, it was hard to hear but this gives us a great opportunity to apply what we have learned here at Joshua back at home. That Friday night we had a community worship night and dinner was brought up to the building for us too!!!! It was a night to remember. On Monday night we watched our FIRST movie together as a class and it was pretty fun. Because we went to the museum of tolerance during our LA trip, we watched a drama called Denial. It was about a woman who wrote a book about the holocaust and she had mentioned a man who didn’t believe it happened. Therefore, the man confronted her and took her to court claiming that the holocaust was fake. Surprise surprise…she won the case yay! This week has been a fun one thanks to our amazing staff😊 <3.  Xo -alex

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