Last Day In LA


Today was so interesting in so many different ways. I was given the opportunity to see life changing things that took place in history. At the Museum of Tolerance we learned so much about about the holocaust and what happened. My heart was so broken to see everything that happened. Seeing life that God created being used by humans in the most evil way was really hard. Through it all I learned so much about God because when we put our hope in something other then God really hard things will take place. Our hope should be in something bigger than our own human understanding. But God is good to us and he always gives us chances to turn back to him. But as always humans, will do what is evil with out the help of God himself. What an awesome day to say thank you God for who you are and what you do for us and help us see what you see so we can learn more about you in all we do.

We ended the night on a positive note: yummy Indian food and conversations with people on the UCLA campus. Thanks for following along! Till next time, Bron

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