Real People Worshiping a Real God

Hey everyone super stoked to share what’s been up the past couple of days! So coming back from LA was really interesting, we had previews that came on Monday and stayed through Wednesday. They were really cool and super fun to meet and get them introduced to what we do here at Joshua.  We had girls night with the preview girls which was super fun and played a bunch of minute to win it games and really just got them to be able to bond with the girl community. It was sadly our last preview week of the year but definitely a solid group to end with! We also had a big essay that is due this Friday so a lot of people have been working on that or procrastinating this week. And then today we just had a really fun theme night and we all dressed up as old people, the theme was seventy year Joshua reunion. We played some bingo, slurped some jello, and grabbed a few Nutella packets, and had a great time being old. I would say this week was pretty good and a lot of great memories were definitely made! This week we have a 7-10 page essay due based on big questions in life. I chose the question, “Why do good people suffer?” I really enjoyed looking deeper into the book of Job and interviewing others to try and answer this question. 

Addy + Allie  -225

Hello friends! We are immensely grateful for your checking in with the Joshua community this week. A number of exciting things have been taking place in the building. Our third and final group of ‘previews’ are finished. It was a blessing to have them over. They demonstrated genuine kindness and intentionality with our community and we’re beyond grateful for that. Additionally, the guys wrapped up their final game of broom hockey this season. It was a neck to neck game that raced for an extra eleven minutes or so until the opposing team scored the final goal to send us back home: 9-8. Our community has had the privilege of spending time with Andy’s parents in the catalyst apartment this week! They’re awesome. Seriously awesome. We were blessed with four messages by Dewey Bertolini. The takeaway? The Bible is a picture book of real people, in real places, with real experiences, that point to a real God. The final message on Thursday morning was immensely impactful. After enumerating several moments in the Bible where men tore their clothes upon experiencing severe grief, he proposed that God tore the veil in the same way that one grieves the loss of another. God was bereft. He tore His clothes. A lot of concern about the Coronavirus has ramped up in the news. It’s hard to believe all of the events that are taking place but God has his hand over this community. Thursday night ended with a set aside time of utter beauty and worship. Watching the sunset at Inspiration Point. Playing guitar. Singing. Worshiping. What a week. Have a beautiful weekend loyal blog readers!

Benjamin + Jared  -101

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