The Joshscer’s!

Hay y’all it has been an amazing week at the Joshua building. Besides learning that we are ending early. But the most exciting part of my week is the Oscar night on Thursday.

It was so much fun. We started the night taking photos with our suits on then we lined up for dinner and the dinner was amazing as well. For dinner, we had asparagus, risotto, and steak. The steak alone was amazing. But the best part of the night was the Grammy awards. Everyone got an award and it was just amazing. The staff did such a good job they really made the night. Thank you so much, staff. 

Hi people, it’s Kali. So this week so far has been good, just the usual schedule as always. Classes, speaker, community, you get the idea. The speaker this week was Rachel, she taught on the Psalms and the meanings and history behind them. We got to listen to different songs that involved the Psalms and watched the movie Denial on Monday. Today, Thursday, March 26, 2020, we had the Joshscers awards. We dressed up as if we were invited to the Red Carpet and had an amazing dinner, as Caleb mentioned at the top. I got the “It’s Not a Pig, It’s a Snort” award, that was great. Also, Andy got “pied” in the face.

Hey guys, it’s Sean! This has been an incredible week and it has been so cool to be able to see God work through everything that has been happening around the world dealing with corona. Spirits are high in the building as we approach our last week in the building but hopefully not our last week at Hume. As hard as it is knowing that we aren’t going to Israel now and move out day has been moved up a whole month the community has shown the resilience that God created us to have through the grace we are showing each other in the midst of the worlds issues.

Hello friends and families, I hope you are all doing well. This past week we got notified that we have 2 weeks left in the building because of the coronavirus, which is such a vicissitude. My feelings toward it is bittersweet. I’m excited for what’s to come but also I am really going to miss everyone here and the community we all have together. For me personally, I am just trying to enjoy every moment that is presented in front of me and being super intentional, whether it’s playing basketball, talking with people more or just random goofy shenanigans around the building. We got one week left after today. God is going to move and work through this place and everyone here. I am eagerly waiting for what’s to come.


It is so nice to be writing to all of you once again! This week has been jam-packed with fun (and a bit of stress). On Tuesday, the girls had a night of mattress sledding down the stairs which was slightly risky and very wild. I hit my tailbone on the steps as I was sliding down on a piece of cardboard which was funny. We also got to ask the guy staff any questions we had and that led to really good advice for us girls. I am so grateful for the people I get to spend these last few days in the building with. There has been a lot of studying happening for exams, presentations, and the last chapter of Philippians. Tonight was our Oscars Night! We had a lovely dinner made by Chef Amy, a photo-booth by Tucker, and the nomination ceremony conducted by all the staff. It was a super silly, sweet, sincere night that felt like prom all over again. I love you, readers. I hope all is well. I speak for everyone when I say I miss you.

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The Joshscer’s!

Hay y’all it has been an amazing week at the Joshua building. Besides learning that we are ending early. But the most exciting part of

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