Last Blog of the Year!

Wassup it’s your girl Alex!!! So this week has been chaotic for me just packing and all that jazz but I have been balancing that with my last moments with…with…my Joshua siblings:’(. I know sad, but hey it’s okay today we had a coronavirus talk so now we are prepared to go back down and enjoy time with our families and the rest of the world. I’m just excited to go to target if I’m being real honest…This week the staff has been speaking to us and today we had the privilege to hear Mr. Roberto (aka Bob). He spoke on fear and it was very encouraging to hear! Well I hope y’all are having a great time wherever you are and thanks for tuning in with me on my last blog post of the year! 

                                       In Him,

                                           Alex <3

This week has been a crazy week.  Slowly the reality of going home is setting in and everyone is preparing to say their goodbyes.  The staff have been very gracious and having fun with us.  Tonight we watched Nacho Libre as a class and had a nacho bar.  It’s really nice to break up the monotony of packing. – Pierce

This week has been such a sweet week of soaking in all the final memories together! We finished the quilt up and have began to get ready to head home! There is so many bitter sweet moments but it is such an encouragement to soak it all in together! Along with watching Nacho Libre, Amy made us some amazing churros! It was such a fun time together! We are all so thankful for our amazing staff making this year so great!  -Dylan

As everyone has been aware of, we are suddenly down to our last days within the blink of an eye. It has gone by quicker than I could have ever imagined and it has been such a sweet time of peace as we are all spending the most time just being with one another. The sunshine has been absolutely gorgeous and a lot of us are taking advantage and eating meals and spending time hanging out in the front of the building. The staff has been really encouraging lately and it has been really cool to have each staff member speak to us for the last time every night. Bob spoke today about the importance of allowing worry to turn into worship, which was really eye opening considering everything that is going on down the hill. It has been such a cool thing to watch God work in each student this year and see our theme verse, Matthew 6:33, really come into practice as we are all seeking first the kingdom of God. In just a few short verses before, we are reminded that the birds of the air, and the rest of His creation, do not worry about the everyday worries of life- so why should we? It has also been such a blessing to recall Philippians 4:6 with the class, and be reminded not only to hold the verses in our mind, but what it means to bring that truth to our hearts. This year has been the most life shaping and gracious gift, and I cannot wait to see how each of my brothers and sisters in Christ bring His name glory as we go our separate ways. Quarantine will be filled with lots of group chats and facetime calls from this new family. And if it’s God’s will, we will meet again for the best reunion ever in summer :’))) thank you so much for sharing this year with us and allowing us to have a place to process what we have been learning throughout this time in Joshua. For the last time, besos -Sarah

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