DR Update #4

Today was an awesome day. I am on the men’s sports team, and on Fridays, our team lead, Dave, goes to the player’s teachers and checks their grades to make sure they are doing well in school. While Dave checked in with the teachers, my teammates and I played basketball and volleyball with the students and some of our players. It was an awesome experience to see the players at school and how excited they were to see us and play with us. Overall, my favorite part of the baseball team is that the kids don’t expect us to be superstars but are just happy to play with us. The joy on their faces and the pure enjoyment the kids had when we played Americans vs Dominicans in volleyball, I would not trade for anything.

This trip has been amazing so far and has blown my expectations out of the water. I can’t wait to see what else God will do with the second half of this trip. My only prayer request would be rest and relaxation for the baseball team, because while we enjoy playing with the kids, playing 5 hours of sports for days on end is tiring. Until next time, God bless, and remember, don’t forget. 

-Josh Halloran (Current Student)

Yo! Que pasa mi hermanos y hermanas?

This week has been really great, and my site is amazing. I was put in physical therapy with Mary and Isaac, which has been great. I love those guys, and my leader’s name is Silvio. Today, we sat with Silvio and did a little devotional, which was sweet, and then out of nowhere, he started talking about a hotel, and he was like we’ll go soon. I was thinking maybe one day, and then he turned to us and said ok, let’s go now.

We had such a great time there was a river and a bridge over it so it was a great view. We also saw a cage for of parakeets which was random but it’s cool. Then we went back to business and we only had a couple of patients today so it was pretty slow. Still, the best part of today was when Isabella started playing worship music on her computer for us, and even though it wasn’t English, we all worshipped God together. We sang in English and she sang in Spanish. God is so much more than a language barrier! God is soooooo good. Jesus te ama por vida 🙂

-Stevie (Current Student)

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